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Makeup products offered in store such as:

Makeup brushes,eyeshadow palettes, highlighter palettes, brush cleaners,blush palettes,contour palettes, brush cleaners,etc.

Variety to pick from

5 week course- 1 day a week

4 hrs each class {Hands-on}

This course is for those who have already received their makeup artist certification. This course focuses mainly on deeper concepts of contouring, eyeshadows such as; halo, cut crease, semi cut crease, smokey glitters.

10 week course-1 Day a week

       4 hrs each class {Hands - on}        This course offers a detailed introduction to becoming a professional makeup artist. From color theory, contouring, and perfect product for each skin texture.  In this course you will build a skill foundation while working with the fundementals of natural, glamour, bridal and dramatic styles.

Makeup Artistry Course Certification

Intense Makeup Course

The Glam Dynasty Beauty Academy Professional Certification is issued to students who have fully completed the required classes and full 40 hours of their makeup Artistry course.With the certification you are prepared to show anyone that you are fully prepared to take on any job. It prepares you for an immediate career in professional makeup artistry. whether you want to work as a freelance makeup artist, commercial makeup, the bridal party industry, or another area such as makep for fashion, makeup for television and film our professional team will prepare you for each area of expertise.
Glam Dynasty Beauty Academy graduates can apply for various pro cosmetic discounts after graduating and receiving the certificate of completion. Your makeup kit is your arsenal, and upon graduation you will know how to build the perfect kit for you to work like a pro. We will guide you every step of the way as to the proper makeup products you should invest in . We will guide students on the proper cosmetics needed to work for film, bridal, quinceanera, and a wide range of other  events involving makeup.
Enroll today in one of the Glam Dynasty Makeup Courses to become a makeup artist and pursue your dream job.