Hairstyling 6 Week Course

This program is designed to advance the talent and skills of professional makeup artists to achieve basic hairstyles when needed in their professional careers. In the world of fashion, beauty and entertainment industry, amazing talents and versatility is expected of makeup artists. You are expected to do the unexpected. Believe it or not, hairstyling has become a part of makeup artist’s job.Every good makeup artist knows that expanding your skill set to include new makeup techniques is a smart move for diversifying your career. Did you know that this rule applies to more than just makeup techniques? Do you think you could benefit from learning other beauty related skills, such as hair styling? If you’ve thought about mastering some basic hair styling techniques to be used hand in hand with your makeup skills, you’re already on the track to becoming an even more employable makeup artist than you already were!
Who might request hair styling services from a makeup artist?
There are plenty of scenarios where hair styling skills will come in handy for you as a professional makeup artist! At a free lance level, brides might be very enthusiastic to find out that they could pay one rate for you to do both, rather than hiring two separate people to do their makeup and hair for their wedding. Even within the film industry, knowing how to style hair can be very beneficial. Many productions are only granted a specific amount of money to spend on actors’ hair and makeup, so if you can save them from having to hire two separate people and therefore making two payments, you are more likely to get the job and be paid more than if you could only offer one service. Modeling agencies running photo shoots and runway shows, theatre companies with big productions, and many other potential makeup artistry clients also have need of hair stylists. Imagine how pleased they’ll be to hear that you are both!
·      Class Level: Beginners / You will receive certificate of completion
·      Class Size: Maximum of 8 people, ensuring individual attention